It may seem strange to admit to being obsessed with “ugly” tendencies, but alas, it’s me. I think I chalk it up to my immortal love for a good shock factor somewhere in my outfit. Be it a cow print boot, feather-embellished sleeve or completely transparent pants (yes, I went there), I always add something to spice things up. “Ugly” tendencies is a no-brainer when it comes to my craving, and this year happens to be a sporty trend. Sportswear of all kinds dominated S / S 21 runways including track pants, hoodies and the star of the day, sporty sunglasses.

Sunglasses that look like they could either be Oakleys or picked up at your local gas station are oddly enough the accessory trend to be seen this spring. Colors in your face, aerodynamic shapes and transparent lenses are taking over your Instagram feeds, so if you’re in the mood to join the latest “ugly” craze, I can’t back this one up enough. While Bottega Veneta reappeared this shocking trend last season, Marine Serre, Balenciaga and Sportmax showed that 2021 is the year of the sporty sunny and we are so here for it.

Below you can take a look at some of my favorite sporty sunglasses moments on the runway and shop the pairs you need to get a look.

The picture: Miu Miu S / S 21. Lean into the trend of sportswear, and pair your new sunglasses with a matching tracksuit and sneakers.

The picture: Marine Serre S / S 21. Add a pop to a completely black look with a bold white pair of sunglasses. Transparent blue lenses are a plus.

In the picture: Balenciaga S / S 21. This look is proof that you do not have to consider the styling of this trend. Just take your favorite graphic tee and you’re golden.

Pictured: Sportmax S / S 21. Juxtapose a tailor-made tailored look with these sleek sporty sunglasses.

The picture: Burberry S / S 21. Choose a monochromatic look by matching your new sunglasses to your outfit. We love the combination here of knitwear with bright glasses.

The picture: Sportmax S / S 21. Offset a flowing maxi dress with a strong pair of sporty sunglasses.

The picture: Miu Miu S / S 21. One more Miu Miu look before you go. I love how these are paired with a more delicate mini-dress.

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