Meet stylist and creative consultant Victoria Bárbara. Having started out as a fitness model, the top influencer eventually expanded into the world of luxury fashion and lifestyle after being signed by Wilhelmina in 2016. Born and raised in Miami, Florida to a Cuban mother and Brazilian father, Victoria Barbara has grown to become one of the most popular influencers in the high-end fashion realm. Her over 1 million followers on Instagram is proof of this.

Her style is as elegant, sophisticated, and structured as you can get on these social media streets, or should we say ‘avenue’ considering that most of her pieces are housed in the boutiques and flagship stores that line New York’s 5th Avenue. Somehow, she’s mastered the art of perfectly marrying the old and the new as she combines elements of classic and contemporary styling to deliver looks that make you involuntarily say, she nailed it!

Photo: Instagram | @victoriabarbara

Victoria Barbara’s latest look features a mix of designer pieces that effortlessly work together to create the ultimate black and gold winter ensemble. She styled the black monochrome look with a Gucci coat, CELINE belt, Bottega Veneta purse, Alexander McQueen boots, Gucci gloves, and Tilly Sveaas ring.

Usually, wearing more than two or three designer labels at the same time could result in a gaudy look but by keeping her label pieces muted and void of bold logos, she was able to serve a look any classy woman would fall in love with. Another tip to gain from her look? If you’re wearing more than a few designer labels, rock them in the same tones and you’ll win with ease!

Of all the stunning pieces she’s got on, we fell in love with her Balenciaga earrings, and guess what? They are currently on sale for 50% off!  

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