Home Fashion Show 13 Best Nail Art Brushes for At Home Manicures in 2022

13 Best Nail Art Brushes for At Home Manicures in 2022

13 Best Nail Art Brushes for At Home Manicures in 2022
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My entire living room has been transformed into a nail salon over the past year and a half. I have acrylic nail sets, UV lamps and, most importantly, nail art brushes. If you are interested in creating your own at-home nail system you will need good ones.Nail art brushes are essential to creating beautiful nail designs You have too many photos (hi Valentine’s Day nails and Winter nails) taking up space in your camera roll. With a steady hand, you can create any shape, stripes, or dots that your little heart desires using all the different sizes and shapes (fine-tipped and wide brushes, dotters etc).

There are only around a million options, which can be overwhelming. Here’s where I come in. This is where I have compiled a list of the top nail art brushes currently available. simpler brush setsFor beginners Kits for nail art that are full-fledgedFor the professionals. You won’t regret picking up your nail art brushes once you have started practicing. Keep scrolling to see the best nail art brushes you can grab right away.

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This kit includes a hand-grip nail art brush

Fulinjoy Nail Art Brush Set

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My hand almost always gets tired after painting my own nails, so I def need a nail art brush set like this one that with comfortable grips. This three-brush kit’s grip fits perfectly in my fingers and eliminates any annoying cramping. 


This is a simple nail art brush kit

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Sally Hansen NailPro Tool Kit

This set of three brushes is the best for anyone who doesn’t want a large nail kit. It comes with a marbling tool, detailer tool, and a stripingbrush so you can create your ~masterpiece~ manicure from the comfort of your kitchen table.


This Nail Art Brush Set comes in Multiple Sizes

Tocoles Nail Art Brush Set

The best thing about a nail art brush set? Being able to create your own art at home. This kit costs under $10 and includes 9 brushes in varying sizes(Available starting at a Fan shapeTo a Fine tip), which is ideal for creating super-fine lines or thicker nail designs. Bonus points for the dotter tool on the opposite side of each brush. These are great for creating polka dots.


Best Nail Art Brush Set for Beginners

Olive & June Nail Art Brush Set

When it comes nail art, I prefer simpler sets. This set includes just one nail art brush. Fine brushYou can use a dotter to either make a piece of art or keep it simple. 


These Nail Art Brushes are Fine-Tipped

Squlirt Nail Art Brush Kit

This nail art brush set is perfect for everything from tackling tiny flowers to painting on those sweet minimalist lines at the base of your nail. Pro tip: Wash your nail brushes by dipping them in nail polish remover once you’re done to help them last longer.


These double-sided nail art brush are perfect for creating a manicure.

Teoyall Nail Art Brush Set

Each brush in this nail art brush set has a dotter tool on the other end, You can switch seamlessly between precise dots and gentle brush strokes, so you can easily switch between them. (trust me, this will be game-changing for your spring 2022 nail ideas). 

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This Nail Art Brush Set with a Palette

Auocattail Nail Art Brush Set

If everything that enters your home needs to match your exact vibe (lookin’ at you, Libras), welcome to your ideal nail brush set. Apart from being very pretty, it includes a variety of different nail art brushes, Dotter tools, and even a magenta crystal nail palette—which is honestly the main reason I’m adding this to my cart RN.


Brushes for nail art that lasts a long time

Beetles Nail Art Brush Kit

Let me let you in on a little secret: Brushes tend to shed over time, and I’m looking for something long-lasting that’ll hold up no matter how often I use them. This nail art brush set is for you. Made with a fiber of high quality that won’t deform nor corrode as quickly as other brushes and comes in five different sizes. 


This Nail Art Brush Kit is for Nail Pros

Fandamei Nail Art Brush Kit

Complete with 15 nail art tools, 5 dotter instruments, and any other accessory nail sticker you can think of (I’m talking butterflies, hearts, and rhinestones), This kit includes everything you need to create nail art. This is the perfect place to go if you are a nail artist in dire need of supplies. You can’t forget the glitter. There are a lot of glitter. 


Best Value Nail Art Brushes

Teenitor Nail Art Brush Set

You get it all for $10 nail glitter, nail foil, dotting tools, brushes, nail tape, and rhinestones in this nail brush set. You’ve found the best value if you want it. 

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This kit includes a nail art brush for acrylic nails

Torokom Nail Arts Brush Kit

K, I think I might get this nail kit just for the marble-periwinkle color.This kit is the only one on my list that comes with a kabuki toothbrush that I can use for cleaning any powder that has accumulated from shaping my acrylic nails. 


This 31-piece Nail Art Brush Set is available in a set of 31

Artdone Nail Art Brush Set

This is the coolest nail art set I have ever seen. I’m going to say yes. It includes 31 (yup, you heard me right) tools—including a Dotter tool And a fan brush—to recreate literally any nail design your lil heart desires. Butterfly nails, here I come. 


This Nail Sponge kit

Maitys Sponge Nail Brush Kit

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