10 Ways Stranger Things Has Changed Over The Years (For Better Or Worse)

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This is the best thing about the insanely famous show. Stranger Things. is its ability to (mostly) take tropes and clichés from classic 1980s film and television and subvert them in a way that’s more realistic and refreshing, especially for the younger audience that adores the show and its characters.

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These characters are subject to inevitable changes that can either make or break the character. showAs it continues into its fourth year (set for release on Netflix in 2022). There have been many changes throughout the years.Stranger ThingsThe first three seasons have seen some changes, some for the better and some for the worst.

10 Worse, With Potential For Better: Allowing Problematic Tropes To Go Unchallenged

Since Stranger Things is an enormous love letter to nostalgia and horror/sci-fi of the 1980s, show’s creators borrow from many plot points and tropes from back then—the good and bad. One example is the subplot in which Karen Wheeler and other Hawkins mothers are lusting for Billy Hargrove.

Billy is still a teenager. “jailbait”The trope showUnchallenged is disappointing. But, there are some things you can do. showExpectations are subverted for the most part, but there is still potential for the future seasons.

9Better: Eleven’s Relationships Beyond Mike

Although Mike and El’s relationship was a major plot point in the beginning of the movie, show, moving away from their relationship in Season 3 was a great change.

They are clearly very close and will always love one another, even though it is clear that they mean a lot to one another. They are still children so El was able to form a friendship and become more independent from Mike. She was shown literally holding on to him at Season 3.

8Worse: Will’s increasing isolation from the Others

Stranger Things kicked off with the disappearance of Will ByersAnd things were never the same. Will left the Upside Down at the end of Season 1 and in Season 2 he was free of the Mind Flayer’s influence.

However, when everything had calmed down by the time Season 3 came around, Will was decidedly different from his friends. Puberty and girl trouble in Season 3, along with the fact that his friends don’t want to play D&D, makes Will the continuous odd man out.

7Better: Steve’s Character Building

stranger things dad steve

Steve Harrington was initially presented as the stereotypical popular boy from the 1980s who was the king of the school. He would do anything to be with Nancy Wheeler, a smart and nice girl. But then it was revealed that he was a total jerk.

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As Stranger Things has progressed, however, Steve has proven himself to not only be a good, stand-up guy but also a great babysitter in Season 2 and then a great friend and ally to Robin in Season 3.

6Worse: Hopper’s Slight Personality Change

Stranger Things - Hopper and Eleven

Season 3 saw Jim Hopper’s anger grow more than in previous seasons. The Hopper from Season 1 is a smart and empathetic man, whose rescuing of Will and adoption of El are sort of redemptions for him.

However, the Hopper in Season 3 has grown very angry and loud, which may be a reflection of having to deal with teenagers, but it’s still slightly off-putting for his character.

5Better: Robin as LGBTQ+ Representative

Robin was Steve’s sarcastic coworker from Scoops Ahoy and had little patience. As Season 3 went on, Robin became a part of the group as she helped Steve and Dustin crack the Russian code.

Robin’s coming out to Steve was such a fresh developmentIn the showIt felt real for the times and was done so well. It was even better that Steve and Robin became best buddies.

4Worse: Mike is smug and annoyed by growing pains


Hopper’s anger issues may be a problem for his character, but it’s also a normal reaction to the disrespect that he receives by Mike, his girlfriend. Mike is a somewhat immature person, but his heart was right. He prioritized El and Will as his best friend Will.

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Mike’s treatment for Max and all of Season 2 was unprofessional. El returned, and Mike’s personality descended into unpleasant angst.

3Better: Fashion Reflects the Time, especially in The Midwest

Eleven and Max take glamour shots in Stranger Things season three

Many people may be familiar with the 1980s. fashionThe reality was that there were a lot of the neon colors and spandex. fashionIt was a mix of browns and a little frumpy, especially in Midwestern cities like Hawkins, Indiana.

While Season 1 was filled with more neutral colors and muted clothing, the introduction of Max and Billy from California brought a bit more modern clothing to Hawkins, and everything became more colorful and fashionable, especially El’s fabulous wardrobe, thanks to access from the mallSeason 3.

2Worse: Glossing on Billy’s Racism

Billy tells Max to stay away from lucas in Stranger Things season 2

Billy threatens Max with violence and tells her to stay clear of Lucas. Although he doesn’t explicitly say it, the issue is implied to be based upon Lucas’ race.

It’s revealed later that Billy’s anger comes from his father’s abuse, but there’s no indication that his father was racist. His early racism is not mentioned, which makes his redemption difficult.

1Show’s Growing Scale is Better and More Possible For Worse

With Season 4 somewhere on the horizon, the stakes have been raised, as it’s been confirmed that Hopper is alive and somewhere in the Soviet Union. Since Season 3 took place in 1985, it’s a fair assumption that Season 4 will be in 1986 which just so happens to be the year of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Each season of showIt has grown in size and with one fan theory that links the show to Chernobyl, showThe scale of the project could grow further.

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