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10 Nail Art Ideas For Your Next Salon Visit

10 Nail Art Ideas For Your Next Salon Visit
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If you’re looking for a new design to work into your manicures, there’s one that you’re about to see everywhere in 2022: evil eyes. This famous cobalt-blue eye is not. designIt’s more than an adorable decal.

Used in fashionThe evil eye has been a part of culture for centuries. The most basic definition of the evil eye is: The evil eyeIt is used to denote a curse passed on by someone jealous of you. A charm or evil eye amulet can protect you from bad spirits and help you stay safe. A nail designThat looks great and invites good vibes. Yes, please.

There are many ways to wear evil eyes nails. You can go classic and stick to the cobalt blue designs or change it up based on the season’s hottest colors. “One easy way to find color combinations that go together is through nail brands’ seasonal collections,” Brittney BoyceBustle. “They’re developed to be a complementary palette, in that the five or six shades are professionally designed and tightly edited to be a cohesive collection,”Boyce. “If you don’t quite know where to start, get colors from the same seasonal collection and start combining them to try.”

Need more inspo to screenshot for your next appointment? Here are 10 Bustle-approved evil eye designs for your nails.

Subtle Details

“I just recently did a look and included an evil eye within a negative space on the lunula part of the nail within a French tip design. I thought it was a cool way to channel the look and spice it up,” nail artist Riyah Martin tells Bustle. “Evil eye can be either the focal point of a nail art, right in the middle of it, or subtly incorporated so that it feels more personal and secretive. Unless someone really pays attention, they won’t know it’s there.”

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Half-Moon Eyes

Madonna is the best inspiration. Boyce created this look on nails for Queen of Pop. He painted evil eyes at each nail’s base to give it a creative twist.

Eyes All Around

For ultimate protection from bad vibes, switch up where you draw on the evil eyes and alternate their placements — the sides, top, and bottoms — on each nail.

Mini Evil Eye Nail Art

These mini evil eye designs are delicate and adorable. They look great with a bare nail.

Geometric Eyes

This abstract designThe evil eyes are suspended on a straightline drawn across the nail to give this nail art a cool geometric twist.

Solo Eye

Sometimes all you need for protection is one evil ear. It can be used as an accent nail to bright orange polishes for a bold pop.

Metallic Pairings

For a dynamic combination, pair an evil eye with metallic foil designs.

Deep Blue

A deep blue nail is striking and eye-catching by itself. It can be dressed up with an evil eye. designThis is a simple way you can elevate your manicure.


To add just the right amount, flip the evil eye and decorate the edges with shimmery golden rays.

More Mini Evil Eyes

Miniatures of any subject will always be adorable. These mini evil eyes can be paired with a sheer white nail to create a nice contrast.

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