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10 Luxury Fashion Brands Winning the 2022 Winter Olympics

10 Luxury Fashion Brands Winning the 2022 Winter Olympics
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The Winter Olympics is upon us and it can only signify two things: Two weeks of pure sporting action, filled with the pinnacle in competition and pure patriotic spirit. fashion, baby!

This year’s Winter Olympics look amazing as luxury and high-end brands work hard to outfit the best. To help you recognize some of the brands (as if a snowboard that screams Prada isn’t enough), we’ve put together a list of our favorite winter wear and the teams that are bringing home the fashion gold—you can even buy some of the looks for yourself.

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Ralph Lauren

This one’s an expected inclusion for all the right reasons; Ralph Lauren’s been the outfitter for Team USA since 2008 and regularly provides funky red, white and blue fusions that do numbers, both for the athletes and the dedicated superfan. This year is no exception, offering large jackets with plenty of zippers and pockets to keep one’s gloves and other treats, as well as fancy “village wear”You will love the look of long-sleeved shirts, crewnecks and sweaters. Even if you don’t work out in the cold, this is the perfect line to pick up that winter aesthetic you’ve always wanted.


You couldn’t miss Julia Marino, Team USA’s female snowboarder, dressed in red and white Prada gear. She showed the world the bold bottom of her board whenever she got on air and executed a trick. She was dressed in Prada gloves, gloves, and a suit to take home silver, Team USA’s first medal of the year. She turns out she was a spokeswoman of the Italian fashionhouse since March 2021. Featuring alongside Gus Kenworthy, a British-American freestyle skier/activist Gus Kenworthy in a fall/winter 2021 campaign

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Louis Vuitton

Shaun White, Team USA snowboarding star, presented his own Louis Vuitton crossover during the Beijing Olympics. White, who is competing in his fifth and last Olympic run, shared his story about how Virgil Abloh, a recently-deceased icon, encouraged him to create his own brand Whitespace. He then helped him. designAs an LV collaboration, the snowboard and matching bag. White will be motivated by White’s inspiring story to do his best at the course.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang, one among the most famous fashionThe world’s top designers helped Nathan Chen, Olympic Gold Medalist and Team USA top figure skating champion, to style his winning outing. There are a variety of styles, including a black tuxedo and an open jacket with a white shirt underneath. The shirt also features a starry orange shirt which is very comfortable and wows everyone. It’s not the first time Wang has designed for figure skating, however, as her work has been featured on some of the most famous skaters in the world, including Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan. Wang was inducted into the U.S. Hall of Fame for her contributions to figure skating. Figure Skating Hall of Fame. This will continue to outfit skating stars for many years to come.

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Skiing is perhaps the most well-known sport in the Winter Olympics. Every winter, skiers and snowboarders alike take to the slopes for pure enjoyment. You might consider purchasing the official gear of US Ski Team before you go to the mountain. There’s plenty of toasty outfits in the Spyder shop, but there’s a couple of standouts: there’s camo fleeces that offer warmth and style, as well as the brand’s custom “Shirtjacks,” a cross between–you guessed it–shirts and jackets, complete with the team USA logo on the sleeve. If you want something that stands out, consider the “Haze”Matching mittens and windbreaker

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You might be a better skier than a snowboarder. Volcom is the official snowboarding jacket of Team USA this season. The chest features black and white collages, which look straight out of Thrasher magazine. This gives the snowy halfpipes a skater feel. You can purchase separate patriotic patches to add to the personalization of one of the most popular winter sports. Matching snowpants can also be purchased, but for those on the quieter side, there’s cool crewnecks, longer “down”Jackets and cozy hoodies are also available. You can show your patriotic pride by adding a little extra punch.


Lululemon, a Vancouver-based athleisure business, has been tapped to be tapped designFor Team Canada’s next four games, the first batch is a win. While the styles are only available in Canada, the line offers Canadian mittens—an Olympic tradition—complete with grips and “CAN”On the backs are the hands. Also, there are cropped hoodies in white and traditional red. There’s also a faded long sleeve t-shirt that holds a fizzy maple leaf and designs on the sleeves, and a team beanie that serves a minimalist yet beautiful declaration of country pride. While it’s no “Canadian Tuxedo,”Lululemon will offer something “nice”For many years to come.

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman is sort of like Ralph Lauren of the U.K.; its collection for winter sports includes an official team Parka with team logos. The brand provided Team U.K. opening and closing ceremony beanies that were embroidered with the brand’s logos. “Great Britain”All of them are embroidered with the company’s logo. The company also brings the sweaters in country-lined plaid and wool union jack, and men’s Chelsea boots that’ll turn heads in any ski lodge across the globe.

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Adidas, the retail giant, is well-known for its athletic wear. It’s not surprising that they designed the outfits worn this year by British and German athletes. British teams are definitely playing into the temperature difference by using the Union Jack’s navy and blue on their jackets with a touch of red. Athletic tights are also available in a perfect blue. The German designs are largely the same, but with a contrast between yellow and black on their jackets. The backs of the hoodies are decorated with Lava lamp stripes. Warm red shirts can be purchased for those who want something to wear to the gym.


It’s no surprise that Nike features plenty of athletic wear for these sports, but for the Winter Olympics in particular, we’d like to take a look at one of the most popular sports: hockey. Nike created many jerseys for the Olympic Tournament. Canada and the USA have a modern take on old classics, such as the Maple Leaf. “USA”To bring them into the future, metallic looks are given to letters. Also of note are Japan’s black and red stripes, while Germany, Finland and Korea feature nice fonts of their country’s name splashed all over the front. For the hockey fan in all of us, there’s no better stop than Nike.

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