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Clearly one of the most enjoyable and well-written pieces of children's literature I have ever read. Furello is a delightful, whimsical fantasy adventure, with an important moral for young readers who are just beginning to seek their own goals in life. Furello is a real showstopper!

Earl T. Dachslager, Ph.D.

University of Houston Professor of English Literature

Furello, is a delightful book for children. It is a lovely story emphasizing wholesome values that are generally held in common belief by the community.

The story is appropriate for any age. The feel of the work is imaginative and magical. The work is allegorical in that animals are utilized in teaching moral lessons.

We recommend Furello for libraries.

Beverly Winfree, CISD

Interim Library/Media Coordinator

"The administration loves Furello. The teachers love it. The children love it, and,... It works!"

Dr. Wendy Taylor

LaMarque ISD


"Furello is a gift reminding us that the best things in life are not "things." Following one's bliss, seeking one's true Self. Discovering the genuine purpose of life are universal themes that Furello explores.

Timeless, timely messages are relayed as characters spark the fires of imagination through allegory, music, and mystery. Inspiring the reader to go beyond the obvious to find treasures hidden below the surface of everyday life. Furello prompts the mind and spirit to wander - to soar. Then, when it returns to earth, it is lighter - full of mirth as well as wisdom".

Suzanne Teate, Ph. D.

News Media

"Furello is a gentle fairy tale free of violence. This book is rich in colorful imagery. Life's lessons and values are woven into the adventures of the unicorn and his friend the elk."

Houston Chronicle