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<span> Furello, Kelton and the three ships sailed down the Mystic River through a land where gold and red mist covered the hills, and trees grew to be five-hundred-feet tall. </span> <span> The two friends talked far into the night, but neither could decide what the most important thing in the world might be. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> In the morning, they sailed through a land where fruit trees grew along the banks of the river. </span> <span> Their long, slender branches draped over the water. </span> <span> Furello and Kelton eagerly nipped the ripe, juicy fruit hanging within their reach. </span> <span> Furello had just begun to eat a ripe pear when a dark shadow suddenly engulfed the ship. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> He was on his hooves with a start, just in time to see a giant cliff rising sharply in front of the fragile ships. </span> <span> He looked quickly at Kelton. </span> <span> The sea captain stood frozen to the deck as he gaped at the rapidly approaching mountain wall. </span> <span> In a trembling voice he shouted to the ships,  Stop! </span> <span> Stop! </span> <span> Please stop! </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> The ships sped toward the cliff, as if drawn by a huge magnet. </span> <span> When they were frighteningly close enough to feel the cold dampness of the stone wall, like a chill breath on their necks, a small opening appeared in the great cliff, and the three ships sailed through. </span> <span> Once inside, they were surrounded by total darkness in what seemed to be a very large cavern. </span> <span> It was frigid cold inside, and the air smelled as though it were centuries old. </span> <span> Without wind to fill the sails, the ships glided to a stop. </span> <span> Furello and Kelton became trapped in total darkness and absolute silence. </span> <span> The quiet lay so heavy that neither dared to speak. </span> <span> They waited there motionless. </span> </p> <p> <center> <img id="image_05" src="image_s_05.jpg" onfocus="this.src='image_f_05.jpg';" onblur="this.src='image_s_05.jpg';" alt="Furello and Kelton are in a cavern." tabIndex = 0> </center> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> A soft hum began to fill the cavern, growing louder and louder until it sounded like a strong wind blowing through tree branches. </span> <span> Suddenly a voice came out of the dark. </span> <span>  Kelton, it called. </span> <span> The sound echoed, bouncing back and forth across the cavern until it faded way. </span> <span> Kelton shrank back in awe. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Take care of the ships, Kelton, said the voice, and the words echoed again until they died somewhere in the chilly darkness. </span> <span> The voice, Kelton knew, was that of his great grandfather. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Furello, cried Kelton, the sound of his voice echoing around the cavern. </span> <span> Sensing the panic in Kelton s voice, Furello flew through the darkness in the direction of the elk s call. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> He was soon lost in the echoes. </span> <span> Furello kept searching for his friend s ship. </span> <span> He had almost run out of breath when he collided with the sail of Aquarius Rising. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> The ship swayed from side to side and barely managed to remain upright. </span> <span> He screamed angrily at Furello,  Watch where you are flying! </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Unheeding, Furello regained his breath and rushed to Kelton. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  What s wrong? he asked, for though he had not heard the voice of Kelton s great grandfather, he knew something had frightened his new friend. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  I... I m hearing things, Kelton stammered. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Furello, wishing he could find a way to help Kelton, felt the cold metal of the magic compass against his neck. </span> <span> The old prospector s words ran through his mind:  If you are ever in trouble or afraid... </span> <span> Quickly, Furello took the compass off his neck and put it around the striped neck of the elk. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Kelton, he exclaimed.  Say this: </span> <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <i><span> Earth and Sea, Hear My Plea! </span> <span> Magic Compass, Work for Me! </span></i> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Kelton haltingly repeated the words. </span> <span> As he did so, the cavern became slightly quieter, but the voices still boomed out of the darkness. </span> <span> He said the words again, this time in a more confident tone, and the cavern became as quiet as when they had entered. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Kelton let his breath out slowly in a long sigh of relief. </span> <span>  Thank you, he said. </span> <span> Despite the dismal cold, the young unicorn felt a flush of warmth as he blushed to hear his friend s gratitude. </span> <span> It felt good to be able to help his friend. </span> <span> All of a sudden Furello noticed a slight breeze playing in the sails. </span> <span> The ships lurched forward. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Kelton, we re moving! </span> <span> He shouted delightedly. </span> <span> What started as a gentle breeze quickly increased to a wind that filled the sails. </span> <span> The wind grew stronger until it became a howling gale, hurtling the ships through thrashing cold water. </span> <span> The bows of the vessels sliced through the underground river, flinging icy drops of water at the two travelers. </span> <span> The violent lunging sent Furello and Kelton sprawling onto the deck of the ship. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> They clung desperately to the mast as the ships sped through the gloom. </span> <span> Ice streaked the sails and spiraled down from the rigging. </span> <span> Now and again, their ship clipped the rocky wall of the cavern and the weary sailors would skid across the ice-glazed deck. </span> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Furello and Kelton huddled together on Aquarius Rising s deck, and kept their eyes tightly closed for protection from the biting gale. </span> <span> The three ships joyfully sailed through an opening hidden in the mountain, onto the sunlit waters of a placid lake. </span> </p> <br> <br> <br> <a href="chapter_4.html">Click here to go to Chapter 4.</a> <br><br><br> <!-- #EndEditable --></td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top" bgcolor="#000000"> <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td><a href="http://www.host-central.net"><img src="../images/template_design_r6_c1.jpg" width="773" height="22" border="0"></a></td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> </body> <!-- InstanceEnd --></html>