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<span> As they entered Furello s valley, the sun s first rays painted a light peach color on the undersides of the clouds. The duo splashed through a small stream, breaking the silence of the early morning. Their rushing hooves made pebbles fly as they bounded up the lofty mountain that separated the valley from the desert. The two came to an abrupt stop at its summit. </span></p> <p> <center> <img id="image_25" src="image_s_25.jpg" onfocus="this.src='image_f_25.jpg';" onblur="this.src='image_s_25.jpg';" alt="Furello returns to the valley he came from." tabIndex = 0> </center> </p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> His mane and tail waving softly in the wind, Furello scanned the desert, his eyes sweeping across the empty beige of forgotten sands from the horizon to the base of the mountain where he stood. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Kelton, he whispered.  There he is. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Sitting on a smooth rock far below them, Kelton saw the lone prospector staring out toward the horizon. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Furello spoke in a hushed voice,  I must talk to him now. And then he choked,  I don t know what to tell him. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Furello darted down the mountain. Kelton followed. Sliding down the last slope, the two friends came to a stop behind the seated man. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> The man kept looking out at the desert and seemed not to notice them. Furello swallowed hard, searching for words to greet him. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  I ve returned, he said simply. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> The man slowly turned around. Furello s heart pounded wildly when he saw the man s face. It was not the prospector, but the kind gentleman from the Kingdom of Fittle! </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Welcome, the gardener said with warmth. When Furello caught his breath, he gasped,  Wh--what are you doing here? </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Waiting for you, the man said calmly. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  But how did you know I would be here? asked Furello with wonder, not having recovered from the shock of finding the gardener instead of the prospector.  And where is the sad man that has the cave filled with gold, that I gave my promise to? And, he rushed on, remembering all that had happened on the Island of Ekberg,  why did you send us to that island? Furello could not believe that this gentle appearing man would lead them astray. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Please, the wise gardener chuckled softly,  one question at a time. I knew you would come back here because it was I who sent you on the mission in the first place. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Oh no, Furello stated definitely.  An old prospector with sad eyes sent me to look for the answer. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  But I am the prospector, said the gardener. Instantly his face changed into the unhappy face of the prospector. Then, it slowly changed back. Furello watched with awe. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  But how? Why? he asked in bewilderment. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Before the man could reply, Kelton said in a trembling voice,  Then the prospector and the gold promised are not real. That means, he faltered,  we never really had a chance to save the ships. His head sagged in anguish. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Do not worry, the man said gently.  The ships are safe. I had enough gold in my bags to pay for the repairs. When you first began the voyage, I visited the red goat... </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Kelton interrupted him,  You mean, my...ships...are really wholly mine?! He quavered. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Yes, the man replied joyfully. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Oh! Kelton cried.  Shira, Aquarius Rising, Gemini--you are mine! His voice rang happily in the crisp morning air.  I must go tell them. He began to leap up the mountain, but then suddenly stopped. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> He twirled and came back to Furello.  Little brother, he said,  I hope we will soon see each other, again. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Furello tried to hold back the tears that rushed to his eyes. His voice cracked,  Good-bye, Kelton. If you ever need me, I will be there for you. he promised. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Kelton turned to look at the kind man.  I don t know how to thank you, he murmured gratefully.  You have done the greatest thing in the world for me. Having said this, he whirled about and dashed away. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> As Kelton disappeared over the mountain, Furello turned to the learned man.  You must know the answer, don t you? </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Yes, I do, the gardener replied quietly. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Then why? Furello tried in vain to understand.  Why did you send me to look for it? </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> The wise man rose to his feet. The warmth of the sun was shining in his eyes, and he said,  Follow me and I will tell you. The gardener began to walk up the mountainside. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> The unicorn sprang to his side and moved gracefully along with him. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  First of all, he said warmly,  you were not born in this world. You entered here through a flower in the valley. It is the doorway between your real home and the world we are now in. Your real home is far more beautiful than any place you have seen here. The people there are joyful and wise. Your father and mother are the rulers of that land. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  I have a mother and father? Furello was dumbfounded.  Why don t I remember them? </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> The wise man smiled.  Your mother and father are the most loving beings I have ever met. If you could remember them, you could not have come here. You are so young, you would have missed them too greatly. So, when you entered the flower, all memory of your parents and native land was taken from you. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Why was I sent here? asked Furello, more perplexed than before. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Someday, my young friend, you will rule your land. Everyone is strong and wise in your land, so to rule you must become the strongest and wisest of all. The only way for that to happen is by solving the problems that life presents. It was your father and mother and I who decided to send you to this land so you might learn to overcome such problems. It was planned that I would disguise myself and send you on a mission in which you would face certain trials. And, he looked proudly at the unicorn,  you have done very well. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  But, but... Furello stammered,  I never did find out what the most important thing in the world is. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  You have been doing the most important thing, said the gardener. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  I have? Furello asked, puzzled. He could not imagine what he had been doing that was so important. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  You have been searching to learn...you have been searching to learn the Truth. That is the most important thing in the world: to always seek the Truth. Everyone you met told you what they believed was the most important. You could have accepted any of their explanations, then returned to claim the gold. But you didn t. You kept searching, and as you searched, you learned more and more. As a result, you will be going back to your world both stronger and wiser than when you left. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> He paused for a moment. Then he said,  I am most proud of you for the way you helped Kelton overcome his fear and for the bond of friendship the two of you developed. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> Furello blushed.  He did most of it himself. Then he burst out excitedly,  Oh, I have so many questions! He paused.  What is my real name? When will I get to see my parents again? Will I remember them? </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  You will remember everything when you re-enter into the depth of the flower, the gardener spoke tenderly. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span> They reached the top of the mountain and stood for a moment beneath the pink-specked sky. The gardener extended his arm toward the valley. </span></p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>  Come, he said.  Your mother and father await you. </span></p> <br> <br> <br> <center> <h2>The End </h2> </center> <br><br><br> <!-- #EndEditable --></td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top" bgcolor="#000000"> <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td><a href="http://www.host-central.net"><img src="../images/template_design_r6_c1.jpg" width="773" height="22" border="0"></a></td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> </body> <!-- InstanceEnd --></html>