Dedicated to our friend Ami
She is all things beautiful and Courageous.


In a magic land not too far away aqua water cascaded over a sparking crevasse crystal mountain creating a glimmering miniature bubbling fall. The cool transparent liquid splashed in downward effervescent foaming throws into a flowing, deep, rock laden shimmering riverbed.

Glistening, large and mighty salmon, scales glinting silver, bronze and coral, dripping drops of rainbow colored water, jumped upward with each tail flip stroke. The excited fish, with arch like movements, leaped into the air, in their haste of swimming upstream to ancient family spawning areas.

Lavender-white monkeys, with dark purple striped tails, unusually long hair and white faces, chattered to each other as they vaulted. Swinging effortlessly from bent, shaking, leaf laden branch to branch, then tree to tree. Their cacophonous high pitched screams breaking the stillness of the day. Sporadically one of the primates would interrupt their journey, momentarily, to eagerly snatch an apple or pear from a nearby fruit tree. Each would pause in flight only long enough to take a few bites of the succulent edible pulpy mass. Then flippantly discarding fruit to the ground, and hastening to continue on in their pell-mell trek. The monkey's brown eyes sparkling with enthusiasm and mischief.

Small bands of colorful miniature horses, systematically grazing upon the abundant sweet pink and yellow clover, interwoven within the green-blue grass were temporarily disturbed under the vibrating trees. Occasionally an equine would break ranks, and with head high and mane flying askew, trot swiftly along the path. Abruptly slowing the course of their gait, bent quickly, to scoop up the tossed off fruit between strong teeth. Then, while chewing heartily, fruit juice running down their chin, they continued on at a gallop to catch up with the migrating pack.