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Furello, a handsome young unicorn, emerges from a beautiful flower into an enchanted valley. He remembers nothing of who he is, or where he is from, but cheerfully sets off to explore the world.

He meets an old prospector who seeks for the priceless meaning of life. The prospector promises to give Furello gold if he will find: "What the most important thing in the world is."

The main characters journey through strange lands and encounter other characters very different from themselves -- from talking ships that rebel to a wise weasel who knits the world's history in a scarf.

Confusion and frustration, as well as joy and happiness, bline the two characters in friendship as they search for the meaning of life.

Although their friendship is an inportant part of the story, the search and learning as they travel to find the answer is their common goal. The message of this entrancing fantasy is one of positive rewards coming to those who continue to try in the face of challenging situations.

Furello is also available as an audio book narrated by MARTY ROBINSON, Emmy award-winning narrator of numerous radio, television, and film productions.